Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Other Fun Stuff

If you're reading this blog, you are probably aware that I got engaged last week! I am so excited! We are getting married January 2nd, 2013. 

With Christmas right before the wedding, we are trying to get all the planning and stuff done before December, so we've been busy! The most exciting thing so far is that I got a dress! It was a great find, maybe even a miracle find. The first store we went to was a dud. The second store was AMAZING. It reminded me a lot of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress." I had a bridal consultant and the whole deal. It was so much fun! I was very specific about what I wanted (lace, elbow length sleeve, etc.), and I found two dresses I loved. The only bad part was that they order all their dresses in there, and it wouldn't be done until early December and would need to have the sleeves rebuilt after that. We decided to think about it and maybe come back. On our way home, we decided to stop at a little hole in the wall bridal store in Salt Lake. Right on the rack I saw a dress that fit all my requirements (it even had the sleeves already!). I tried it on, and it fit! My mom started crying, and we knew it was my dress. We have to have some minor tailoring done, but I am thrilled with it! 

We also found a photographer this week, and I'm really excited about her. You can see her website here. (I found her via my friend Mandie, who had the most beautiful wedding in April. You'll notice Mandie and her husband featured on the website.) We are getting our engagements taken next week and are hoping the weather holds out!

I made us some sandwiches last night that were simple but really good, so I thought I'd share: (It's pretty much just a glorified grilled cheese sandwich.)
  • Ingredients:
    • whole wheat bread
    • tomatoes
    • pesto
    • mozzarella cheese
  • Directions: 
    • Pretty self explanatory: lightly butter one side of each piece of bread, combine ingredients, and grill in a pan (or on a panini maker if you have one).
Mozzarella and avocado grilled cheese
(picture from pinterest)

Any wedding planning tips or tricks for me? 

P.S. I'm loving these caramel apple suckers this fall:
What's your favorite candy right now?


  1. That's so great about your dress! I'm so excited that I'm going to be there for the wedding! I too love those caramel apple suckers!

  2. You have a blog!! So fun!!! :)