Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Grilled Cheese Sandwiches & Other Fun Stuff

If you're reading this blog, you are probably aware that I got engaged last week! I am so excited! We are getting married January 2nd, 2013. 

With Christmas right before the wedding, we are trying to get all the planning and stuff done before December, so we've been busy! The most exciting thing so far is that I got a dress! It was a great find, maybe even a miracle find. The first store we went to was a dud. The second store was AMAZING. It reminded me a lot of TLC's "Say Yes to the Dress." I had a bridal consultant and the whole deal. It was so much fun! I was very specific about what I wanted (lace, elbow length sleeve, etc.), and I found two dresses I loved. The only bad part was that they order all their dresses in there, and it wouldn't be done until early December and would need to have the sleeves rebuilt after that. We decided to think about it and maybe come back. On our way home, we decided to stop at a little hole in the wall bridal store in Salt Lake. Right on the rack I saw a dress that fit all my requirements (it even had the sleeves already!). I tried it on, and it fit! My mom started crying, and we knew it was my dress. We have to have some minor tailoring done, but I am thrilled with it! 

We also found a photographer this week, and I'm really excited about her. You can see her website here. (I found her via my friend Mandie, who had the most beautiful wedding in April. You'll notice Mandie and her husband featured on the website.) We are getting our engagements taken next week and are hoping the weather holds out!

I made us some sandwiches last night that were simple but really good, so I thought I'd share: (It's pretty much just a glorified grilled cheese sandwich.)
  • Ingredients:
    • whole wheat bread
    • tomatoes
    • pesto
    • mozzarella cheese
  • Directions: 
    • Pretty self explanatory: lightly butter one side of each piece of bread, combine ingredients, and grill in a pan (or on a panini maker if you have one).
Mozzarella and avocado grilled cheese
(picture from pinterest)

Any wedding planning tips or tricks for me? 

P.S. I'm loving these caramel apple suckers this fall:
What's your favorite candy right now?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sushi, Cupcake Bites, and Ethan Frome

Saturday night was a delicious evening. We went to get sushi at Happy Sumo with Sam's parents and sister Sophie for his birthday. I'm not a seafood girl in general, but I tried to be open minded and split a piece of sushi with Sophie. Neither of us hated it, but we were also pretty excited to move onto bigger and better things...our grilled chicken bowls with rice and tempura veggies. Yum! I would happily return to Happy Sumo for another chicken bowl anytime. The food just kept getting better after that. We ended the night by going to two different cupcake places. They were in very close proximity to each other, and it was too tempting not to just try both. I had a salted caramel cupcake bite at Sweet Tooth Fairy and a piece of a coconut cupcake from Cupcake Chic. I would have to say my favorite was the cupcake bite, but they were both delicious.

No pictures of the delicious food, but here's a pic of me with the birthday boy:

Onto literary things: In my American Literature 1900-1960 class, we are reading Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton. It's an interesting short novel. One of the most interesting literary elements is the view point. It is a story within a story, meaning that it starts out in first person and then switches to third-person omniscient. I felt this novel was definitely one I could read with my high school students someday. I like the themes brought up and the literary tools Wharton uses. Speaking of Edith Wharton, she is quite the interesting lady. Her maiden name is Jones, and the term "keeping up with the Joneses" is said to refer to her father's family. One of my favorite things about my literature classes is getting to learn a little about various authors.

P.S. There is a frozen yogurt place (Spoon It Up) just south of campus. It was not there before my mission, and I was so excited when I first saw it. I feel like I try to find an excuse every day to take the long way home and stop for frozen yogurt. Yesterday I did. Here's my creation:

Questions I have for you: (answer any or all in the comments, or just say hi and make me happy :))
  • Frozen yogurt or ice cream? What are your favorite toppings? Frozen yogurt for sure for me. I love the tart flavors especially. I do love ice cream though! My favorite toppings are strawberries, mango, or if I'm feeling chocolatey twix and cookie dough are really good (see above picture) :)
  • Do you have a favorite author and/or book? What are you reading right now? Favorite author for the time being is possibly Edith Wharton. She's pretty cool! One of my favorite books is The Help. Right now, I'm finishing up Ethan Frome and reading some poetry for my British Literary History class.
  • Are you a sushi fan? Seafood in general, yay or nay? Generally, not a sushi fan, but the "Surf and Turf" roll (with only cooked steak and a little crab, a.k.a. not really sushi), wasn't bad. I'm not a seafood fan in general.

Monday, September 17, 2012


A new blog with a fresh perspective was in order (I never use my old one--I'm just bored of it), so I have decided to think about what I'm most passionate about and write about that:

I am up to my eyeballs in English literature homework right now, so reading and writing immediately come to mind, followed closely by good food (because, let's face it, good food gets me through all that reading and writing I have to do)

There's a lot more in life that I'm passionate about, namely my Church, my family, and my friends, but I am going focus this blog on reading, writing, and eating. I'm not sure exactly what that will entail or how I will choose what to write about, but my main purpose is to be writing for fun, whatever that turns out to be. 

I hope to discuss the literature I am reading personally and for school. (This will most likely range from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, since I'm taking a whole slew of English courses this semester.) 

I also hope to discuss writing that I come across in the world around us--like fun (or terrible) uses of words on billboards or the backs of cereal boxes

In addition to all things reading and writing, I will document and comment about the delicious (and hopefully sometimes healthy) food I eat along the way. (I tend to eat lots of frozen yogurt, so expect that and come join me for a fro-yo date anytime!) 

Feel free to comment and let me know what you think about literature, writing, food, or whatever!